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 Nonverbal Intelligence Studies
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Who We Are

The International Center for Nonverbal Intelligence Studies (ICNIS) is an incorporated private, profit research center with registration number RC1352452 and located in Kwale, Delta State, Nigeria. The international headquarters is based in Florida, USA.

The Center's mission is to advance the study of human communication in all its forms apart from language. And the goal is to promote the scientific study of nonverbal communication, critical thinking, problem solving, intelligence and behavioral analysis , which includes body movement, gesture, facial expression, adornment and fashion, architecture, mass media, and consumer-product design.

Additionally, the center also provide strategic training and certification on specialized subjects such as advanced cyberwar, security & defense, digital forensics investigations, open-source intelligence & analysis operations, negotiation, conflict management, peace operations, love & courtship signals and more.

Our Lead Instructor

Mr Timothy O. Avele, (FICNIS+, MIALEIA, MIACA, MIIPS, MFCT, MNAIS) is a Counter-terrorism,  Intelligence and Cyber-security professional, a senior fellow at the International Center for Nonverbal Intelligence Studies and a member of the prestigious International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts USA, International Association of Crime Analysts, Kansas USA, Member of Foundation for Critical Thinking, California, USA. He is also a member of National Association of Investigative Specialist, Texas USA and the International Institute of Professional Security, Lagos, Nigeria. Read More